Vicetone Gives Dillon Francis’ When We Were Young A Remix


Earlier today, Billboard premiered the Vicetone remix of Dillon Francis’ “When We Were Young.” While the core of the song is still very much in tact, the Dutch duo has amped the sound up a few notches, infusing the radio-friendly track with a bit more bass and a definite big room feel.

As a big fan of both Francis and Vicetone, I’m really digging this new take on the lead single from Money Sucks, Friends Rule (Francis’ recent debut album). It’s got Vicetone’s signature sound and top-notch production written all over it, and should lend itself very well to main stages once festival season gets underway again.

Check out Vicetone‘s progressive remix of “When We Were Young” below and let us know what you think of it in the comments section. The track will be released when the official remix pack for the song hits on November 17th.

Source: Billboard