The Video For Disclosure And Lorde’s Magnets Gets Morbid


It’s been nearly a week since Disclosure released Caracal, the follow-up to their 2013 debut album, Settle, and just before that they dropped their highly anticipated Lorde collaboration, “Magnets.” Now, they’ve released an official music video for the track, and it’s got everything you could ever ask for: fire, sex and swimming pools.

Set in presumably the same dystopian timeline as the videos for “Omen” and “Jaded,” the video for “Magnets” opens with Lorde singing against the backdrop of a skyline whose multiple moons and roving aircraft immediately suggest that the storyline does not take place in the present day.

The lurid tale of infidelity intertwined with the footage of Lorde begins in an upscale penthouse where a posh crowd holds some sort of gathering, and transitions engagingly into various other settings. If I’ve learned one thing from Disclosure’s videos, it’s that people in the future still party.

But in all seriousness, Disclosure’s intricate approach to the stories in their music videos adds a layer of depth to the mystique that already surrounds their poignant musical personalities. When artists of any kind include easter eggs for their fans, it makes for a more personal connection and in this case, demonstrates an appreciation for other crafts than their own.

If you liked the video for Disclosure and Lorde’s “Magnets,” then keep on the lookout for more – it’ll be interesting to see how they wrap up the ongoing saga.