Watch Flosstradamus’ Debaucherous Prison Riot Music Video


Flosstradamus and GTA’s trap anthem “Prison Riot,” has garnered a massive response since its release on the Soundclash EP. Now, the rowdy track has been given a worthy music video to supplement the insanity.

The duo call the video “a journey from Ted Talks to Fight Club,” and it certainly lives up to the statement. Starting off as a “How To Stop Being Terrible” professional workshop, Lil Jon takes the form of a wild eyed speaker ready to help some law abiding citizens break through their monotonous lifestyles. Featuring everything from coffeepot keg-stands, poor tattoo decisions, and briefcase flash mobs, the music video is nothing short of hilarious.

If you haven’t already done so, be sure to grab “Prison Riot” now via iTunes and check out the music video above.