Watch Lady Gaga Perform “A-Yo” Live


Lady Gaga’s new album, Joanne, is only days away, and it’s hard to believe that all of the waiting is finally coming to an end. In addition to the lead single “Perfect Illusion,” the only song that has been revealed since is the heartfelt ballad, “Million Reasons.” That’s just covering the studio versions, though – on Gaga’s dive tour that she’s been embarking on this month, we’ve seen her take on “A-Yo” and “Sinner’s Prayer” live, and now we’re getting an official look at the performance of the former.

With the posting of the “A-Yo” performance, it’s a safe bet that if any other song will be released before Joanne’s drop date, it’ll be that one. It’s not a bad choice either, considering “A-Yo” has a electric chorus and diverse musicianship with its country-esque twang. It may not turn out to be everybody’s favorite, but what it does do is help Joanne potentially become Gaga’s most original offering to date.

Lady Gaga’s next dive bar tour date is on October 20th at an undisclosed location. It’s bound to be a party though as it’s the night before Joanne’s release date, so who knows what sort of surprises will be on deck.

For now, you can check out more videos from the dive bar Nashville date on her Facebook page, including a clip of her playing “Million Reasons.”