Watch Marshmello Get Interviewed By Blake Vapes


While we’re all waiting for Marshmello to unveil his version of DJ Snake‘s “Let Me Love You” for the song’s upcoming remix collection, the helmet wearing producer is keeping at the forefront of our attention in another way. The “Alone” producer was recently the subject of an interview with vape culture satirist Blake Vapes, though you shouldn’t hold your breath for much new information to surface from it.

The interview opens with an introduction from Blake Vapes’ obnoxious persona, before the mock vape bro dons the instantly recognizable mello helmet. From there, we get some wild concert footage of Marshmello DJ’ing for a large crowd before the interview itself commences.

Blake Vapes poses a number of questions for Marshmello, but he apparently isn’t capable of speech, which I guess shouldn’t be surprising seeing as he’s an anthropomorphized sugar puff. He mostly just sits there and nods in response to the host’s annoying antics, before concluding the interview on an abrupt note.

To call the video an interview is a bit of an overstatement considering no new information came to light, but Blake Vapes at least makes it worth our while by including a wealth of concert shots taken from Marshmello‘s DJ booth.