We Could Have Done Without Jewelz & Sparks’ “Drip”


Another day, another main stage massacre on the senses. Jewelz & Sparks aren’t exactly a game-changing act to begin with, and their latest track, “Drip,” is just as devoid of substance as anything else they’ve turned out.

Predictably, “Drip” is so titled for a sound effect incorporated into the buildup that sounds like a water drop. You could argue that at least it’s not as cliché as a vapid big room house track being named after a natural disaster – but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a vapid big room house track.

After all, “Drip” is as instantly forgettable as any other song of its kind. Chugging synths don’t follow any discernible scale or melody while as an uplift obligatorily builds up to a drop, leaving the listener with little more to take with them than the tacky gimmick for which it’s named.

Listen to Jewelz & Sparks‘ “Drip” above and let us know what you think of the track in the comments.

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