What Does Marilyn Manson Look Like Without Makeup?

When it comes to the history of Nu Metal, it would be hard to speak about it without mentioning American singer-songwriter Marilyn Manson, who not only led the charge of the genre but also broke through into mainstream notoriety during the ‘90s.

Over the years, his musical career transitioned into other mediums including film and television. While Manson⏤whose real name is Brian Hugh Warner⏤has always been a controversial figure, the rockstar has found himself in the headlines for all the wrong reasons as of late, somewhat tarnishing his legacy.

Most of the time, Manson takes the stage and appears at events covered in makeup, which became a trademark part of his persona. Despite this, he’s appeared without makeup both on film and other rare occasions.

What Does Marilyn Manson Look Like Without Makeup?


You can see Marilyn Manson without extensive makeup in projects like Sons of Anarchy, Eastbound and Down, and Salem, among others.

Here are some images of Warner outside of his Marilyn Manson persona. As you may have guessed, he doesn’t look all that different.

Sons Of Anarchy

In the FX-produced biker drama series Sons of Anarchy, Marilyn Manson portrayed Ron Tully, a shot-caller for the Aryan Brotherhood. This was a recurring role that can be seen in both the seventh and final seasons of the show.

Eastbound & Down

In the comedy series Eastbound & Down, Manson had a minor role as a server at a roller rink. This role was extremely minor, with Manson only appearing in a few scenes.


Manson appeared in six episodes of the TV series Salem as the character Thomas Dinley. Dinley was a multitalented character with skills as a barber, surgeon, and even a mortician on occasion. He was a servant of the Dark Lord, which seems like quite a fitting role for Manson.

The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things

Manson had a part in the 2004 film The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things along with cast members like Cole and Dylan Sprouse, Jeremy Renner, and more. Manson portrayed was Jackson in the film, a role that was significant even though he wasn’t one of the main characters.

These are just some of the times we’ve seen Marilyn Manson without makeup and there are plenty more instances that can be found online. With no sign of slowing down his television appearances, we’ll likely see the rockstar in more roles without makeup in the future.