What is the ‘Breakin’ My Heart Girl’ trend on Tiktok?

Image via TikTok

If you’re a serious TikTok user, you’ve likely seen one of the new trends on the social media app and felt it totally relatable. A series of TikTokers use a specific sound clip to share something in their lives that absolutely breaks their hearts.

From the Roblox trend to the 16 Missed Calls trend, fans enjoy their holiday downtime making funny videos to send to their friends. A new trend is taking over the platform, and we’re both in tears and stitches watching the videos associated with it.

What is the Breakin My Heart Girl song?

The song is called Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes) by a band named Mint Condition.

What is the Breakin My Heart Girl Trend?

Have you ever had your heart broken? If not, we’re not going to lie — we’re a little jealous. If you have, you know it can happen because of many things. Some of them are serious, of course, but other things like your favorite cafe being out of your go-to coffee or your crush liking your best friend for the 3rd time can tug at those heartstrings, too.

TikTok users are using the song to showcase everything that is just breaking their hearts right now. Trust us; some of these are totally relatable.

Like this first one — we’re real sticklers for spelling and grammar.

Here is a slew of other videos that are making their rounds on TikTok with the Breakin My Heart Girl song.


Always hated being the ugly friend😭

♬ Breakin my heart – Jodeci’s groupie


Like stink two pairs of shorts and two pairs of shirts not gon cut it ☹️i need damn near ya whole closet 💔 #fyp

♬ Breakin my heart – Jodeci’s groupie

This is a funny one too for anyone who got those “Merry Christmas” texts from the hot and cold partner you’re not opening the door for again.


like gurl wym u coming to me as a woman go to hell😫

♬ Breakin my heart – Jodeci’s groupie