Who are Bruno Mars’ siblings?

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Bruno Mars is a unique talent, known for his skill not only in singing and songwriting, but also in dance and production. 

One of the bestselling musical artists of all time, Mars has received dozens of awards over the course of his career. His broad success — all before the age of 40, by the way — has made him a heavyweight in the musical world. 

He’s not alone, either. While you may not recognize any other celebrities that share a name with Mars, several members of his family are famous in their own right. Talent apparently runs rampant in the Hernandez clan — that’s Mars’ real last name, in case you didn’t know — if his famous siblings are anything to go off of.

Bruno Mars’ siblings

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Why aren’t there any other famous Marses out there, you ask? It’s because Bruno Mars is a stage name, one that Peter Gene Hernandez adopted years ago. His parents were both artists themselves and actually met on the job. His father was playing percussion for several bands at the time, according to The Things, and his mother was working as a hula dancer. They met, fell in love, and created a family full of like-minded creatives.

Eric Hernandez

The oldest brother in the Hernandez clan, Mars’ older brother Eric is also involved in music. In fact, he’s contributed to Mars’ success over the years, often playing drums for Mars’ backup band, the Hooligans. 

Hernandez was a big part of Mars’ life and career long before he was topping charts, however. He joked in a recent Instagram post that he’s been Mars’ drummer “since you were age 4,” indicating that the Hernandez boys have been making music together for decades now. 

Jaime Kailani Bayot

The next child in the Hernandez lineup isn’t actually a blood sibling, but she is biologically related to her siblings. She’s their cousin, adopted by their parents at a young age and raised alongside Mars and his full blood siblings.

Like Eric, Jamie had a hand in Mars’ success. She’s not nearly as directly involved in the day-to-day performance of his music, but she did serve as his booking manager in 2007. She’s also the founder of the non-profit organization Mama Earth and a mother or two. 

Tiara Hernandez

Tiara, like several of her older siblings, also took an early interest in music. She worked as a teacher for a while before pursuing an education in nursing, but ultimately turned away from the medical field. As she explained in an interview with Midweek, she became a “germaphobe” after working in hospitals.

Once she turned her focus to music, Tiara “didn’t want to do anything else.” Tiara and her sisters have an established presence in the musical world and Tiara is, according to her sisters, the “drill sergeant” of the group, ensuring that everyone stays on task.

Tahiti Hernandez

Yet another Hernandez middle child, Tahiti started music even younger than some of her other siblings. She’s been singing since she was a little girl but dabbled in a few other skills in her adult life. She worked as a manager for a loan company, according to Midweek, before shifting her focus to music. 

Along with her sisters, Tahiti is a member of the band The Lylas. She’s also a mother of four, and has been married to pro-surfer Billy Kemper since 2018.

Presley Hernandez

The youngest of the Hernandez family, Presley has dabbled in fields across the entertainment industry. She’s found work in acting and producing, but ultimately found her home in music just like the rest of her siblings. 

She’s been married to Hawaiian hip-hop artist Kealoha ‘K-Luv’ Mahone, with whom she shares two children, for several years. She is also, like her sisters, a member of the Lylas.

The Lylas

The Hernandez girls make up the all-female band The Lylas, an acronym for “love ya like a sister.” They’ve released several singles and in 2013 debuted in a television reality series á la Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The show, which aired for one season, followed their lives and careers as they juggled families and the demands of the music world.