Who is Machine Gun Kelly’s Baby Mama?

Photograph via Stefan Brending (Wikimedia Commons)

Machine Gun Kelly is a rapper, pop punk artist and… doting father? That’s right, MGK, who appeared in The Dirt and feuded with Eminem, has a daughter named Casie from a previous relationship.

MGK’s real name is Colson Baker, but who is Casie’s mother?

Casie’s mother is named Emma Cannon, Baker’s high school sweetheart. Casie was born when MGK was 18 prior to his fame as a rapper. He is 31 now.

Over the years, he’s been connected to model Sommer Ray, Noah Cyrus, Demi Lovato and lately with Megan Fox.

While the two are very public with their relationship, MGK recently took Casie to the American Music Awards instead of Fox, who has three children of her own with ex husband Brian Austin Green.

Casie’s mom Cannon lives a fairly private life and doesn’t have any public social media. However, there are signs that the two are on amicable terms. In 2020, MGK tweeted that “My daughter has an amazing mom. Big love to all the young moms out there killin’ it.” 

In 2013, in a now deleted Instagram post, he said “Happy Mother’s Day to the best mother I’ve seen first hand. She raised our daughter under such insane…”

MGK dedicated a song to Cannon in 2012 called “Her Song.” The music video has a snippet of a voicemail in it. Many speculate that it’s actually Cannon’s voice in the song.

In the song, MGK talks about how his “dream cost him the love of his life” and how he tried to unsuccessfully win her back.

It’s not known publicly if MGK introduced Casie to Megan Fox, but it seems likely considering he’s fairly inseparable with both.

Baker and Fox both appeared in the film Switchblade in the Grass, which was filmed in 2020. Fox starred in MGK’s Bloody Valentine music video that and the pair went public with their relationship in July. They’ve been seen together constantly ever since.