W&W Shocks Fans With New Melody Centric Single


Known for their trance escapades and firm grasp of electro house production, Dutch duo W&W just dropped an unexpected single titled “The One.”

This latest track is a departure from anything else in their repertoire, venturing into the lighthearted realm of progressive house with a violin led top line. The duo’s imprint, Mainstage Music, is a consistent source of the biggest electro and big room productions, so it’s refreshing to see the label fend off boxing itself within a single genre.

It’s always exciting to see artists explore new territory, and “The One” is a brilliant mix of W&W’s production talent, knowing full well how to supplement a full kick drum with emotionally rich melodies. Vocal cuts, a slightly moombah influenced percussion, and reverberating chord progressions make this a delightfully crisp track ripe for summer.

Have a listen above and let us know what you think!