Zedd Wants You To Relive His 2016 Coachella Performance With This Recap Video


Nobody’s really been clamoring about Zedd‘s Coachella 2016 set the way they have about Flume or ZHU’s, but he’s put together something that could have fooled us anyways. The German DJ/producer has revealed a recap video for Coachella that highlights moments from his performance as well as those of the festival as a whole.

The recap video opens with footage from Zedd’s tour bus as the Coachella date approaches. Crowd and aerial shots of the festival itself build up to clips from his actual peformance, during which pyrotechnics displays streak upwards against a backdrop of meters-wide LED panels.

As engaging as the video may be, the song choice is somewhat telling of the state of his career. Even though he’s released a new version of “True Colors” that features his latest high-profile collaborator, Ke$ha, the videographers opted instead to use “Stay The Night” from his 2013 debut album, Clarity.

Be that as it may, Zedd‘s Coachella recap video still makes for an invigorating way to look back on one of the biggest weekends of the festival season.