Zeds Dead Adds Some Wonk To Omar Linx’s “Red Light Green Light”


If you’ve been missing Zeds Dead as much as we have, then their latest track will be a welcome arrival indeed. The Toronto-based duo boast a long history of collaborations with hip-hop emcee Omar LinX, and while their latest release is not a collaboration in the strictest sense, it’s still rather exciting, as we’re presented with a remix of his 2014 track, “Red Light Green Light.”

Where the original relied predominantly on LinX’s verses and took a minimal approach in regards to the underlying beat, Zeds Dead’s remix incorporates some of the sparkling synth work that they’ve adopted in recent years as well as plenty of the heavy bass that’s been their calling card for far longer. A heavily modulated synth at the drop hints at the metallic resonance that’s become so sought after in contemporary EDM, while the melody underscoring the verses manages not to distract from their lyrical richness.

Seeing as how this remix is Zeds Dead‘s first release in months, it gives their fans hope to see more from the duo as the EDM world gears up for the 2016 festival season.