24-Year-Old Man Dies At EDC Las Vegas


It has been reported that an attendee of industry-leading EDM festival, Electric Daisy Carnival died around 4:00 AM after being taken to a nearby hospital on day two of the festival. The identity of the young man as well as his cause of death will not be disclosed to the public until his family has been notified.

The death was the only one that has surfaced so far, fortunately. The 2012, 2013 and 2014 editions of the festival each saw multiple fatalities, and the infamous death of 15-year-old Sasha Rodriguez in 2010 originally forced Insomniac Events to relocate the festival to Las Vegas after Los Angeles policymakers refused to let it go on afterwards.

In addition to the fatality, on the first day of this year’s festival alone the LVPD reported 506 medic calls which they deemed “mostly minor” and which resulted in 10 hospital transports. In addition, there were 19 felony arrests – for drugs only – and only one DUI arrest that did not result in a fatality. Insomniac Events reported that 102 attendees were ejected from the festival as well. As staggering as the numbers may seem, all of the figures show an improvement over the previous year.

We Got This Covered would like to remind festivalgoers to enjoy events like Electric Daisy Carnival responsibly. We encourage fans to make their experience more about the music, community and free expression and less about the party – a valuable lesson that anyone who remains in this community for a long period of time must learn.