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A timeless moment that proves Disney Princesses really do exist has surfaced again and people cannot get enough of it

It's a reminder that nothing is too small to make a positive impact on a person's life.

Princess Anna from 'Frozen' talking with 11 year-old Zoe at Disneland
Image via TikTok/jeanettetapley

Disneyland truly became the happiest place on Earth for 11 year-old Zoe Tapley during her second family trip to the Anaheim, California amusement park earlier this summer. Upon meeting the character Princess Anna from the Disney movie Frozen, Zoe, who is Deaf, soon realized she could communicate without needing a sign language interpreter.


When Princess Anna can sign and have a full conversation with my deaf child. 🥹 Zoe has never been able to chat with a princess without Jesse or myself interpreting. This was magical. Thank you Princess Anna for making our trip so special! #deafchildren #asl #americansignlanguage #BigInkEnergy #fyp #feelgood #inclusionmatters @Disney Parks @Disneyland California

♬ For the First Time in Forever – From “Frozen”/Soundtrack Version – Kristen Bell & Idina Menzel

The encounter was captured by Zoe’s mother, Jeanette Tapley who shared to video on TikTok, saying, “Zoe has never been able to chat with a princess without Jesse or myself interpreting. This was magical. Thank you Princess Anna for making our trip so special!”

The magical moment sparked an avalanche of media coverage from outlets like CBS, Upworthy, and Good Morning America. Although it occured in July, the incident has once again been shared by the popular news outlet NowThis on Twitter, causing a whole new wave of joy from people on the internet.

Shortly after the video’s release, Jeanette Tapley shared a follow up video to TikTok, interpreting Zoe and Princess Anna’s conversation. She explains that Princess Anna introduced herself to Zoe by sharing her name sign and asked if this is the first time Zoe’s been to Disneyland. Zoe said this was her second time, and that she came with her family.


Replying to @fearless_christ_follower want to know what zoe and anna are saying?! Turn your volume up and listen in! ❤️#fyp #deafchild #asl #americansignlanguage #disneymagicmoments

♬ original sound – Jeanette Tapley

Name signs in the Deaf community are specific signs assigned by Deaf person to help identify someone without having to spell the letters of their name alphabetically. Princess Anna’s comprehension of not just ASL but Deaf culture is the cherry on top that makes this moment all the more special.

In a world where good news is often eclipsed by the bad, this wholesome encounter is a reminder that a camera need not be pointed at a good deed for it to exist, and that nothing is too small to make an impact on someone’s life.

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