A universally-praised musical adventure continues to make waves on Disney Plus

An animation still of traditional Polynesian on the sea

What can Disney Plus say except “you’re welcome” where this musical favorite is concerned? Moana, A Walt Disney Animated Studios movie from 2016, is making waves on the top charts, and it’s a testament to the beauty of the filmmaking and storytelling.

From the gorgeous hues of the ocean to the songs we still can’t get out of our heads, Moana has it all. Telling the titular character’s story and her dream to journey across the ocean, Moana is all about chasing your dreams, facing your fears, and making life better for those around you. 

FlixPatrol notes that Moana is currently swimming in the third spot for Disney Plus, and it’s consistently ranked somewhere among the most-watched movies for the streaming platform. If you ask any Disney fan you know, they’re sure to mention Moana when they list their top Disney film picks. 

Moana has felt a call to the water since she was a baby, something pulling her to the beauty of the waves and the vast gorgeousness of the skyline. Deep in her heart, Moana knows there’s more out there for her than just life on the Polynesian island where her father rules as chief. She loves her family and values the people she’s grown up with, but she can’t quiet the whisper from the waves. They call to her, they know her name, and as the movie progresses, we soon find out why.

Moana does have a calling far beyond living on the island; she’s meant to bring it healing. On her deathbed, Moana’s grandmother, Tala, tells her the story of how Maui stole the heart of Te Fiti and that the land is being poisoned because of it. Tala has the heart of Te Fiti, and she gives it to Moana, urging her to find Maui and to right the wrong he created so many years ago. 

The journey isn’t an easy one, but with trusty side-kicks, a killer soundtrack (yes, even Jemaine Clement’s “Shiny,” which we can’t get out of our heads), and her grandmother’s voice resonating in her head, Moana knows she’s strong enough to face even the most stubborn darkness. It’s a nod to the fact that the road to self-discovery is made even more magical when we can embrace our true dreams next to those we love most.

You can watch Moana streaming now on Disney Plus, and we’re warning you ahead of time — you won’t be able to get the songs out of your head once you’ve started watching!