Alesso’s Stunt Double Plays The Lead In The Video For “I Wanna Know”


Alesso made something of an unexpected departure from his trademark sound with last month’s “I Wanna Know,” so it only makes sense that the track’s official music video would follow a similarly outside-the-box approach. In a role reversal of sorts, the Swedish DJ/producer plays the star of a story within a story, while the main character of the video itself plays his stunt double.

The premise of the video follows the filming of an action movie in which the main character must stand in for Alesso during scenes that require car, motorcycle or otherwise life-threatening stunts. He finds himself taking interest in the film’s female lead, and their silent romance is portrayed through a series of artfully edited shots.

…Except for the shameless Beats by Dre plug at 1:26, that is. Seeing as how Alesso himself is a producer, they should have at least struck a deal with a respectable brand, like V-MODA.

Nevertheless, check out the video for “I Wanna Know” above and as always, drop a comment below with your thoughts.