Alesso’s First Track Of 2016 Challenges Everything We Know About The Swedish Superstar

Alesso 1

Every so often, we hear a track that leaves us speechless, even more so when the material is cut from an entirely different cloth than what we’re used to hearing from an artist. Alesso‘s inaugural 2016 release is the perfect example of exactly this.

Titled “I Wanna Know” ft. Nico & Vinz, and written by Alesso himself, this new track offers an unabridged glimpse at the Swedish producer’s musical inclinations when given the opportunity to stray from jouncing progressive house.

Still keeping with his staple brand of uplifting tones, “I Wanna Know” explores the sensation of a wind soaring through a convertible on a mid-afternoon beachside cruise. The driving piano melody and Miami inspired guitar riffs only add to this character, and the omnipotent beat chugs along with the utmost danceability.

Available exclusively on Apple Music and Spotify, have a listen to “I Wanna Know” below and tell us if you don’t think this is Alesso’s best work yet.