‘American Dad!’ almost had a film and it would have taken us to Roger’s home planet

American Dad
Image via TBS

American Dad! has been running for more than 17 years and the adult animated series is yet to launch its own movie, but according to a new report, that doesn’t mean those plans weren’t once in motion.

Speaking to DigitalSpy, American Dad! showrunner Matt Weitzman shared that the team considered the idea of doing a movie set in the American Dad! universe but later chose to abandon those plans.

Despite the film being scrapped, in this interview fans were given a glimpse at what it would have looked like.

“We thought about a movie where we go back to Roger’s planet but I want to focus on making the season as good as possible.”

Despite having run for 19 seasons we are learned very little about Roger’s home world and while this won’t take place in a movie, perhaps it could be brought into a future episode of the show.

In December of 2021, the show was renewed for both seasons 20 and 21 with the former set to arrive early in 2023.

While we aren’t getting a movie, Weitzman said that there are specials planned to celebrate Halloween and Christmas. For the Halloween special “Steve and Roger try to save them all but it goes dark” and the Christmas episode will be called Into the Jingleverse.

“We’ve already mapped [it] out,” he said. “We are doing a doing a metaverse episode with 3D elements.”

With season 19 out now fans can binge through all of American Dad! on Disney Plus now.