Andrew Rayel Takes On Armin van Buuren’s “Embrace”


Andrew Rayel has taken on the title track from Armin van Buuren’s 2015 studio album Embrace, delivering an energetic remix that follows up on re-imaginings from Arty and Lowland. Rayel takes creative license with Buuren’s original here, delivering a mix with the mainstage in mind.

The producer makes some considerable changes in his remix, deviating from the source material to deliver a big room flip of “Embrace.” The classical styled arpeggios from AVB’s version are replaced with stuttering synth phrases and high octane house beats. The familiar trumpet driven breakdown resurfaces in this new take, too, building up to a rhythmic crescendo with massive rave chords and blistering percussion.

Andrew Rayel‘s “Embrace” remix has plenty of new sounds to keep things interesting while still remaining friendly to the trance-going audiences. Overall, the big room production meshes well with the original melodies, while still elevating the energy to epic proportions.