You Will Never Let Go Of A-Trak’s New Remix


It’s been over three months since The Chainsmokers dropped “Let You Go,” a pre-festival season progressive house ballad made for the main stage. Then again, they’d been sitting on that Great Good Fine Okay vocal a while longer, so its conception dates back even further than that. Leave it to A-Trak to make it relevant once more, though, as this remix has got us humming the lyrics all over again.

The spirited vocal track maintains its prevalence in A-Trak’s version, with scant hints of hip-hop elements throughout. After each chorus, though, a trappy drop flips the song on its head and bridges it back to the next verse.

A-Trak’s “Let You Go” remix starkly contrasts with his recent collaboration with tour mates Araabmuzik and Ape Drums while still maintaining enough elements of his creative approach for his influence to be detectable. However, the attempt at a stylistic fusion clashes a little too much – it’s a little hard for us to take the “#RealDJing” spokesman seriously when he applies his expertise to such a saccharine piece of music.

Nonetheless, we want to know what you think of A-Trak‘s remix of The Chainsmokers’ “Let You Go,” so sound off in the comments section below.