‘Avatar: The Way Of Water’ wins an award before it’s even released

avatar the way of water
via 20th Century Studios

You read that right, this long-awaited sequel has already been named one of the top ten films of the year — and it’s not even out yet. It looks like all doubts can finally be left at the door, because Avatar: The Way of Water is shaping up to be the sequel we needed.

Was failure ever really an option for this movie? The first film’s legendary tale of Jake Sully, the Na’vi and their battle against resource-hungry humans is a can’t-miss adventure. It’s true that some have remained skeptical moving toward the second installment of the series, after all, Avatar is more than thirteen years old. For those of you reading who remember seeing Avatar in theaters, just remember that there are kids who will see The Way of Water that weren’t even born when the first film came out.

Age seems to be but a number for the creators of the franchise, as lighting proves that it can always strike twice. This is James Cameron we’re talking about. If anyone can pull of a sequel as innovative as the first film, its him. Remember Terminator 2? For real, the newest trailer for this sci-fi masterpiece has continued to give the world chills.

All that’s left to do now is sit and wait patiently for Dec. 16 to arrive, and then we’ll all finally be able to return to Pandora and relive the magic once again. Whatever the filmmakers have in store, it’s bound to be a wild ride.