Baauer Continues Comeback With BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix Debut


If his recent trajectory is any indicator, Baauer is bound and determined not to let his return be a flash in the pan. The Philadelphia-based DJ/producer became one of dance music’s most famous statistics for how little money he made on his viral classic, “Harlem Shake,” but after the overwhelmingly positive reception of his recent album, Aa, he’s demonstrated his mixing capabilities with a poignant BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix debut.

While trap music appears to be going the way of dubstep as electronic music fans increasingly favor more refined sounds, innovators like Troyboi and Allison Wonderland continue to breathe new life into the genre. Baauer proves himself worthy of a spot on the list by showcasing a festival-friendly song selection that still pushes the creative envelope in a manner of which few artists are capable.

And just like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Baauer has returned to mainstream relevance. With any luck, Aa and his Essential Mix debut are but a sign of things to come from him in the months to follow.