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‘Big mistakes are being made’: Vincent D’Onofrio slams studios using AI just after its use in ‘Secret Invasion’ credits

Kingpin has spoken.

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA - SEPTEMBER 10: Vincent D'Onofrio attends D23 Expo 2022 at Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California on September 10, 2022.
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

Marvel has caused a stir after deciding to use AI art for the opening credits of its Secret Invasion Disney Plus show, and now Kingpin himself has condemned the alarming rise of AI in mainstream media.

In a passionate tweet regarding the topic, Vincent D’Onofrio has criticized how AI is being used. He states that studios, journalists, and news corporations are “trusting AI to be the heart, soul, and decision maker for the outcome of the actual product they’re producing.” His words are particularly impactful considering Marvel Studios’ recent decision to make use of AI in its latest show.

While the opening for Secret Invasion does still have an artistic direction created by a human, it has understandably caused a backlash among concerned fans. Is this the beginning of mass-produced AI content? Unfortunately, AI is being used more and more to cut costs, and understandably, many are concerned, myself included. D’Onofrio’s frustrations with the industry right now are echoed across so many different fields.

Image via Marvel Studios

The tweet encapsulates many issues that people have with the use of AI. Not only is there a general fear of jobs being snatched up by a robot, but it also feels like the death of art in many ways. Vincent mentions a divide in art, a commercial, cost-effective approach vs. the creative and meaningful human: “So it seems we are heading for another divide in art. The creation of dead crap with no experience that will sell and the creation of the heart, soul and endless range of the human experience that will also sell.” Studios that misuse this technology will probably turn a profit, but it will lose that human touch that makes art special.

But don’t be mistaken, AI is a powerful tool, and it can be used to create something with heart and soul as long as it is “at the hand of a living artist.” Vincent ends his tweet on a more positive note, asserting his belief that artists will adapt and be able to use this new technology to better effect comparing AI to Lincoln Logs, something that can be used to create but isn’t exactly original.

“So look to the legit creations by the human mind, the human hand for the good stuff. 

Who use their minds, hearts and soul to create art and things with the use of whatever tools out there and yes including AI. 

Most of us as an audience or as artists always have looked to that and not the dead like crap of mass produced nonsense. 

And we will continue.”

Many of the responses to D’Onofrio were in agreement with the sentiment with so many already tired of the use of AI in place of genuine creativity.

“Thank you for this, Vince. My husband, JG Hertzler, has been in theater/tv/vo his entire 50+ year career. We’ve had this ongoing conversation since the AI debate started.”

“Well said Vincent, but at times I can’t help but feel intimidated by AI… how am I to compete with that which can draw a perfect line or a perfect sphere? Having said that,  I’m determined not to let AI push me out of my work.”

“Could not agree more. AI is a tool, the same as any other, and should be guided by a creative mind. I have seen artists supplement their digital artwork using AI, but all the good ones are there to fix problems and guide it in the right direction to keep their intended course.”

AI is a great tool for creativity, and as the industry shifts towards introducing this tool in more ways, we can only hope that studios like Marvel set an example of how it should be used rather than using it as a cost-effective way of producing content. It’s great to see stars such as Vincent D’Onofrio presenting a reasonable argument regarding its use, and hopefully more will follow suit.

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