Brian Cox likens J.K. Rowling backlash to ‘fascism’ in an interview with Piers Morgan

brian cox
Jesse Grant / Stringer / Getty Images

Succession star Brian Cox sat down for an interview with Piers Morgan this week, where he discussed the topic of cancel culture — so right off the bat, already two strikes we’re dealing with here. And shockingly, when the conversation turned toward J.K. Rowling and her anti-trans rhetoric, the pair expressed opinions that can best be expressed by a thinking-face emoji.

“Well, it’s kind of modern-day McCarthyism really,” said Cox, when asked about what he thinks about the current climate. “It’s a kind of raid on people’s sensibilities in order to reduce them and make them — I don’t know, there is so much hypocrisy in the whole thing. I mean, I find the whole thing completely hypocritical.”

Cox went on, evoking the biblical proverb of letting him who is without sin cast the first stone. “And there seems to be a lot of casting of stones,” he shared. “And it is like a virus.”

When Morgan pointed out that so-called liberal wokeness is a form of fascism, Cox resoundingly agreed. “It is total fascism,” he declared. “You are absolutely right. It is total fascism. And people are behaving more and more hypocritical — you see, it’s hypocrisy again.”

“The hypocritical notion of, ‘I’m being liberal but actually you are being fascist, and people should just stop it and behave themselves,” Cox added.

As the two continued shouting into their echo chamber, Morgan brought up Rowling, who Cox only apparently recently learned had been “canceled” through one of his kids.

“Well I just couldn’t understand that whole thing at all,” Cox shocking admitted. “You know, I thought, well this isn’t an area that I’m necessarily permitted to tread upon, but at the same time, I thought there was something deeply unjust about it. You know, and I just felt that, and it’s happened time and time again.”

“It is not only the people who are canceled,” he continued. “It is also people like their families, like their children, like their parents. It has such ramifications. It creates a sort of like an earthquake situation.”

Morgan continued to rile up his guest, pointing out that even politicians and Supreme Court Justice nominees are “struggling” with cancel culture, particularly when it comes to defining what a woman is. (Won’t someone please think of the Amy Coney Barretts and Brett Kavanaugh of the world?!)

“We’ve never examined — you see the point is, we’re beginning to examine things that we have never hitherto examined before,” Cox continued unburdening his soul. “Particularly the relationship between men and women, and particularly the sexual relationship between men and women, and how that relationship is operated.”

“And it particularly affects young men and women, because they don’t know what or how they should express themselves in certain ways, and there’s a kind of form of fascism,” he added, bringing the F-word back into it. “You know, there are kids who don’t know how to approach one another now.”

Actually, it’s pretty simple, just don’t commit rape or assault or harass. It’s that easy. At any rate, it’s becoming clear how Cox so seamlessly slips into the skin of the Murdoch-esque billionaire Logan Roy. It seems like he probably doesn’t have to do a lot of heavy lifting for the role!