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Brie Larson reveals she works out before working out in new training video

Could you handle this tough regime?


The Marvels is still more than a year away, but it’s clear that Brie Larson maintains a pretty strict training regime whether she’s prepping for a superhero movie or not. In a video she recently released to her YouTube channel, Larson offered some perspective on her 2022 workout goals and admitted that she often does a light workout before she gets together with her trainer.

“This is a super light workout, and this is what I do as an assessment thing with myself,” she says in the video. “Yes, yes, I am a type of person who trains before they start working with their trainer.”

At the top of her video, Brie also says that she’s been planning to train every day since 2022 started, and something has always gotten in the way. “I’d like to say that I’m super busy and life is getting in the way,” she says, “but quite honestly I’m probably scrolling on my phone.”

On Twitter, Brie called out her decision to do a light workout before seeing her trainer. “I have no shame in pre-training before actually working out with my trainer,” she wrote.

Responses to the tweet were mixed, with some expressing confusion over the Short Term 12 actress’s defiant stance.

Others had no problem with Brie’s workout routine but made a little light fun of her privilege for having a trainer.

In general, though, the responses were offering the actress plenty of love, and encouraging her to take whatever steps she felt led to the best outcome.

In addition to her work in The Marvels, which is set to hit theaters on Feb. 17, 2023, Larson has also been working on a trio of streaming projects. In a biopic produced by Amazon, she’s set to play Victoria Woodhull, the first female presidential candidate in history. For Apple TV+, she’ll be starring as a CIA agent in a drama series that’s based on the life of real-life agent Amaryllis Fox. She’s also set to star in the Netflix film Lady Business, which is about the struggles of being a female entrepreneur.

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