Cat that looks like Freddie Mercury goes viral

Freddie Mercury getty (SINGLE USE)
Photo credit: Fin Costello/Getty Images

Instagram user @izanami.and.mostaccioli — known as Natalie — has gained a substantial amount of followers after her cat, Mostaccioli, was widely recognized for bearing a striking resemblance to the late Queen lead singer, Freddie Mercury.

Due to her unique fur pattern that gives her a black strip of fur above her upper lip, Mostaccioli’s markings have been compared to Freddie Mercury due to its likeness to that of the rock star’s iconic facial hair.

Image via Jam Press/@izanami.and.mostaccioli on Instagram

The stray kitten was found by her owner Natalie — from California, U.S. — alongside her three brothers on 30 August 2020. Mostaccioli was born to a feral and severely underweight Bombay cat. After finding the family in her mum’s garden, Natalie rushed them to the kennel where she works and nursed them back to health.

When the kittens were old enough (and strong enough) to be given new homes, Natalie chose to adopt Mostaccioli instead of giving her away. Fortunately, Mostaccioli has a stepsister called Izanami and the pair are inseparable.

On one particular Instagram post where Mostaccioli looks unimpressed, fans were sharing their love for the cutesy copycat kitten. One user commented: “Omg he [Freddie] loved cats so much, he came back as one.” In another post featuring Mostaccioli in the bathtub, another Instagram user wrote: “Freddie Mercury costume, A.S.A.P.”

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