Chip Zdarsky Reveals More About His Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man Series


Yesterday, we learned that writer Chip Zdarsky will pen a new Spider-Man series titled Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man, which kicks off this June after a special Free Comic Book Day issue. Promising to take the wall-crawler back to basics, it’s going to revolve around some more grounded adventures for the iconic superhero.

That’ll come as welcome news to fans, especially after years of seeing Peter take on a Tony Stark type role as the CEO of Parker Industries as he embarks on adventures all over the world. Now, in a new interview, Zdarsky has talked more about Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man, promising that he’ll provide a take on the character which is satisfying to comic fans.

“I don’t think I’ll be bringing anything to Spider-Man as a character that hasn’t been seen lately in “Amazing,” it’s just contextual stuff, really. Dan [Slott]’s telling a big, international story with Peter achieving his potential, but it’s still classic Spidey at the heart! In fact, I’d say it just reinforces what makes the character tick by putting him in new environments and situations.

With “Spectacular,” we’re narrowing things a bit and focusing on Spidey in New York. So it’s personal in a different way than “Amazing,” as it’s about Spidey slightly nostalgic for when his life didn’t involve board meetings and jet-setting. With great power comes great responsibility, and his power’s never been greater, but the increased responsibility can be… look, Obama went grey real quick, y’know? In a lot of ways this series is about recognizing the need to share that great responsibility. Also there are jokes.”

Those comments will come as music to the ears of many, though those of you worried about continuity will no doubt be glad to hear that this series is going to tie into Amazing Spider-Man rather than being completely standalone or removed from continuity. Beyond that, we don’t really know what else to expect from the title, but it definitely sounds like a lot of fun. Plus, with The Clone Conspiracy bringing back some classic villains, it wouldn’t be too shocking for some of them to show up in Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man as well.

Tell us, what would you like to see from Zdarsky’s new Spider-Man series? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments section down below.