Chrissy Metz swiped right on the perfect pandemic romance

Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Elton John AIDS Foundation

Love in the time of quarantine? It’s possible, and This Is Us star Chrissy Metz joined Mario Lopez on Ellen today to share more about just that.

Metz talked about meeting her beau, Bradley Collins, during March of the “OG pandemic,” which Lopez laughed at and called the first season. The two met on Bumble when she was in his city for work.

“Here’s the thing, I was in Nashville and he’s from Nashville. I’m currently working on a country album and he’s been doing songwriting and publishing forever so we had all the same friends — but it took him forever to ask for my phone number. I was like ‘If he don’t ask for my phone number…’ like we talked for weeks! Finally I was like ‘You have to ask for my phone number, please just ask!'”

On the topic of their first date, Metz said something tried to step in the way of fate — and she wasn’t having it.

“It was supposed to be at a park; we were going to have like a cute little social distance date because we couldn’t even get tested then, we didn’t have that capability. So of course — it rained, a deluge. Trying to interfere with my love life, I was like, ugh, okay. He was like, let’s just reschedule. I was like reschedule — no, you know how long I waited for you to call me?”

They didn’t end up rescheduling; instead, they met at his place, and Metz sat in his kitchen while he was in the living room and talked from a distance. The two are still going strong, so it’s safe to say that she found her perfect romance in the middle of a pandemic — quarantine first date and all.