Coco Austin gets scrutinized for twerking holiday vid with daughter

Coco Austin faced backlash on Nov.26 after posting a holiday video of her daughter Chanel Nicole Marrow, 6 , dancing with her grandmother Tina Austin. 

The criticism wasn’t about the bonding moment between Chanel and Tina but the type of moves that was showcased in the now-deleted Instagram story. Coco, who welcomed Chanel with rapper and actor Tracy “Ice-T” Marrow back in 2015, uploaded a clip of her child teaching Tina how to twerk. 

While celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday with extended family, Chanel is seen showing her grandmother how to lower her knees in a squat position and shake her derrière. When Coco asked the 6-year-old what she was doing, Chanel replied, “twerking!” Coco, who is filming the entire video, then responded to her daughter by saying, “Twerking? You’re teaching Mom how to twerk?”

As the recording continued, an unidentified older cousin jumped in and participated in the tutorial. The trio ultimately put their hands and feet on the ground while doing their own rendition of twerking. While viewing this, Coco exclaimed, “Oh my god, this is what you do when family’s over. Oh my gosh.” When the dancing clip began viral, many disclosed how Chanel is too young to know what twerking is.

Read the comments down below:

“What y’all find ‘funny’ nowadays is either mad weird or just inappropriate… Sad.”

“It’s kinda sad a 6 year old knows what twerking is….. jus sayin…..”

“Absolutely disgusting. A child should not even know what twerking is… pathetic parenting…”

“She shouldn’t even know at her age what twerking is or how to do it. I’m literally speechless.”

This isn’t the first time that Coco received criticism for her parenting. Back in August, the 42-year-old defended breastfeeding Chanel, who was five at the time when the story broke to the public. Coco made headlines again after Chanel was seen wearing French acrylic nails in an Instagram post the following month.