The Dark Knight Battles His Proteges In All-Star Batman #8 First Look

Although All-Star Batman doesn’t take part in any crossovers like, for example, the upcoming one involving Batman and The Flash, that hasn’t deterred any readers from picking it up or detracted from the excitement the series offers. But, then again, it’s probably got something to do with the fact that you know what you’re getting from Scott Snyder.

Even though the release of issue #8 is still a few weeks out, DC is confident enough to circulate some preview images, which we’ve included in the gallery at the top. Fans will no doubt be instantly drawn to the stunning interiors provided by Giuseppe Camuncoli of Batman: Europa fame, with colors done by Dean White, thereby creating a sense of visual continuity with earlier issues that were penciled by John Romita Jr.

Something else that jumped out at me was that it looks like Snyder may be flirting with a return to the prose style that made the sixth issue in this series so great, but that may just be how they’re presenting the internal dialogue. I guess we’ll know for sure once it ships.

All-Star Batman #8, featuring the return of the Mad Hatter, is set to arrive in comic shops on Wednesday, March 15. In the meantime, be sure to check out the official synopsis below:

“Hats and Bats”! Underestimate the Mad Hatter at your own peril. Batman takes on one of his most dangerous and deranged foes in a mind-bending tale from the powerhouse creative team of writer Scott Snyder and artist Giuseppe Camuncoli!