Scott Snyder Teases Future Of All-Star Batman

Ever since he started penning Batman stories earlier this decade, all eyes have been affixed to Scott Snyder – and rightfully so. Aside from Grant Morrison, it’s arguable that no other writer has redefined the character’s mythos so handily in recent memory. So, it comes as no surprise that when any news concerning All-Star Batman travels down the grapevine, we pay close attention.

Recently, we learned that Poison Ivy will play a key antagonistic role in issue #7, but Snyder himself has spilled more beans concerning the Mad Hatter’s upcoming appearance and much more (via

“I’m working with Giuseppe Camuncoli right now on the Mad Hatter one, and his style is so elastic and kinetic and action and tech, so different than Jock and to Tula Lotay on Ivy. It’s a joy, because I go to work and I have to reinvent myself. I think that feeling, where you keep the character extremely fresh, to me, right now, at this point, after having done so many issues in a row with a single artist, to be able to now go through the carnival of every issue doing something really different with a different artist is a new challenge.

And it’s all one big story. The Two-Face stuff winds up coming back in the second arc, and in the second arc looks like one-shots with villains, but it all culminates in the fourth issue that Afua Richardson is doing, which you see is all one big plot. There are links, but I want it to each be a real artist showcase and just collaborative stories that kind of redefine these villains in ways that I hope are exciting to people and feel modern and speak to some of the fears that I think are really specific to right now in the zeitgeist.”

It’s interesting to hear that Two-Face is set to return, which is understandable given that it was recently established that he has a deeper connection to Bruce Wayne’s past than previously thought. Aside from that, we can’t wait to see which other villains Snyder utilizes as one can’t help but pick up a vibe similar to that of The Long Halloween.

In the meantime, be sure to check out All-Star Batman #6, which is now available in comic shops. For more, be sure to read our review here.