deadmau5 Teams Up With Attlas On New SoundCloud Upload


It’s been over a week since deadmau5 used his SoundCloud as a sounding board to see what music fans thought of his works in progress. The mau5trap label head has now broken his silence though with a couple new tracks, and one of them is a collaboration with his signee, Attlas.

The two had been touring together on the Mau5hax bus tour last month, where they played the same sort of dark, introspective techno exhibited on “Bad at Titles.” With the mobile production studio they had at their disposal, it’s likely that they produced the bulk of the track on tour as well.

On the other hand, “Snowcone” is the sort of psychedelic downtempo that deadmau5 has teased in the form of Project Entropy cuts over the past several months.

After listening to both new deadmau5 uploads, keep on the lookout for more from the progressive house mastermind in the coming months.