deadmau5 Uploads More Music, Announces New Projects


deadmau5 has been putting in work lately. The progressive house mastermind has made his SoundCloud account a window through which his fanbase can observe his creative process, and now, he’s uploaded new versions of a familiar concept.

“now with 13% more goats” and “eborts” are the predictably cryptic titles of the uploads. Underscoring each arrangement is the same drum pattern used in his recent bass music experiments, with somewhat different synth work.

…This is deadmau5 we’re talking about, though, so he also uploaded clips of farm animal noises just to mess with people:

Aside from his SoundCloud musings, the ‘mau5 also took to social media to announce that he would be commemorating the 100th release of his label, mau5trap, with a variation in production of “Strobe.” Furthermore, he’ll also be joining Beats 1 with his very own radio show called “mau5trap presents…”

This weekend, deadmau5 will also perform on the A State Of Trance stage at Ultra Music Festival before resuming the Mau5hax bus tour in Miami on March 20th. Like we said, the guy has been putting in work lately, and we couldn’t be happier about it.