Disney Plus releases new ‘Proud Family’ featurette

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Disney Plus is giving The Proud Family fans a closer look at an upcoming episode that will change everything for the family we know and love. 

A new featurette provides a sneak peek into the mind of Penny Proud as she deals with embarrassment by her dad on a pretty special occasion. As Penny describes the humiliation to her friends, she exclaims that she wishes she were free. Just like that, Penny sees an opportunity that seems too good to be true.

A press release from Disney Plus shares the following synopsis for the episode titled “When You Wish Upon a Roker:”

“Oscar embarrasses Penny when he insists on chaperoning her disastrous first date with Kareem. Frustrated by her lack of freedom, Penny makes a deal with the master of mirth and mischief himself, Al Roker. Roker grants Penny’s wish to be a college student and suddenly she and her crew are coeds able to do anything they want. Penny struggles to balance responsibility and freedom, forcing her to confront the fact that she may not be emotionally ready to be on her own.”

With Roker granting her wish to be a college student, Penny is thrust into young adulthood alongside her friends. The Proud Family brought in a new cast to voice the characters as young adults who take on new personas in their college life.

Logan Browning voices college-aged Penny, and the episode also stars Jeremy O. Harris, Bresha Webb, Jaden Smith, “Desus Nice” Baker, Karrie Martin, Holly Winter, and Ashton Sanders. It’s sure to be a hilarious episode that also pulls at your heartstrings. Growing up seems exciting, but the joys of childhood are undoubtedly something to cherish.

The episode premieres Wednesday, March 30, on Disney Plus, and you can now watch the first five episodes of The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder on the streaming platform.

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