Dzeko & Torres’ Firestone Remix Is Weirdly Catchy


If you told me I was gonna have a hard-kicks-and-hoover-synths remix of a tropical house song stuck in my head today, I think I might have called in sick before having to listen to it, but now that I’m here I can say that it was actually executed pretty well. Dzeko & Torres brought some main stage flair to tropical house poster child Kygo’s 2014 hit “Firestone,” and it works way better than you might have anticipated.

As a matter of fact, the stylistic synthesis makes for a more interesting track than just another progressive house or trop house release would have been. A higher tempo and robotic effect make the vocal track contributed by Conrad Sewell fit a little better within the confines of a festival main stage anthem. A steel drum-like synth, similar to one I just got done praising for its uniqueness, carries the buildup into a euphoric synth lead before returning it back to the vocal.

Even if an artist puts out something formulaic, often times a novel approach and flawless execution can return it to relevance – and Dzeko & Torres‘ remix of Kygo’s “Firestone” accomplishes such.