Edge Of Venomverse #1 Boasts A Wolverine Like None You’ve Ever Seen


Having blown away audiences with her big screen debut in Logan, it comes as no surprise that Marvel would want to feature X-23 in the comics more heavily going forward. So, until Dafne Keen is able to reprise her role, we’ll settle for whatever literary adventures we can get our hands on – especially ones as crazy (in a good way) as Edge of Venomverse #1.

Serving as a prelude to the upcoming event series Venomverse, this five-issue limited run written by Matthew Rosenberg (Secret Warriors) and illustrated by Roland Boschi (Karnak, Ghost Rider) will, as Marvel puts it, “bring you the story of young mutant clone X-23…who gets more than she bargains for when she collides with an alien symbiote that affects her already enhanced abilities!”

That coupled with a statement from Rosenberg himself points toward the Laura we’ll end up reading about will, in fact, be X-23:

“We are showing a world where X-23 manages to escape from her creators with the help of Venom. It’s a fun chance to explore two of Marvel’s most dangerous characters and see how things could have been different for them if their lives intersected. And if you are a fan of X-23’s early adventures, you’ll be happy to see some familiar, but slightly different faces in the book.”

So, despite blatantly showcasing her as Wolverine on the cover, it looks like we’ll most likely be given an alternate take on X-23, forcing us to ponder if this whole Venomverse thing is in continuity or taking place in an parallel universe. I guess we’ll just have to wait until June 28 when Edge of Venomverse #1 arrives in comic shops in order to find out.

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