Egypt becomes the latest country to say no to ‘Doctor Strange 2’

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness film is coming out May 4 but the Egyptian government has joined a number of other nations in blocking the Marvel release for its citizens.

News of the cancellation was posted by the IMAX account for the country earlier today on Twitter. They did not say why it was pulled at the last minute but, as IGN and The Hollywood Reporter detailed, the decision to stand alongside Saudi Arabia and Kuwait in denying the movie is likely due to the inclusion of America Chavez’s character. Chavez is said to be gay in the film like she is in the comics and the Egyptian government is notoriously hostile to LGBTQ people.

As of this story being filed, it is unknown if other countries will follow. Tickets for the release continue to be available in other countries like the U.A.E., whose governments also heavily criminalise LGBTQ+ people. It is possible the movie could come out in a censored format, since Eternals release hit a similar roadblock there, but did manage to screen with various kissing scenes and references to the LGBTQ+ community removed.

Disney and Marvel have not commented on the ban as of this story being filed and nor have any of its stars. The first Doctor Strange is available to stream on Disney Plus.