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Fan edit imagines Deadpool in the Avengers movies, to hilarious results

If 'Deadpool 3' is anything like this, we can't wait to see it!


Back when Deadpool released in 2016, it seemed to fly in the face everything that was popular about Marvel movies, taking a R-rated and meta-humor approach to the superhero genre that was a rarity back then. Since then, Disney has acquired the studio that made the cinematic adaptations of the Merc with the Mouth a reality, 20th Century Fox, making the franchise’s third installment an inevitable House of Mouse production.

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But not to worry, you don’t have to wait years to imagine what it might be like to see the ninja-sword-wielding assassin interacting with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, as a clever fan edit has deftly placed Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson into several Avengers films, to hilarious results. The video was posted on the r/MarvelStudios Reddit page by the user u/TortillaDelta13, who is apparently the original creator of the video.

A commenter made an astute pitch for the opening sequence of the forthcoming Deadpool 3, inspired by the video, that we think would be an amazing note to start the movie on.

“They need to insert Deadpool into iconic MCU scenes as the intro for Deadpool 3.”

There’s so many Marvel-centric cinematic universes now-a-days, but with Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox, it seems that all of them at least overlap in one way or another. As such, it would be great to see Deadpool interact with Spider-Man at some point, now that the floodgates seem totally open for that to happen, as a couple of fans have pointed out.

Frankly this video has opened up our eyes to the possibilities of how much fun Deadpool would be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hopefully, the fine folks at the famously family-friendly Disney will retain the character’s crude sense of humor.