Fans 100 percent convinced ‘Deadpool 3’ will be a big part of Marvel’s Comic-Con panel

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Marvel fans are currently enthralled after the news that both Deadpool films will be heading to Disney Plus tomorrow — and amidst this exciting news, they’re now completely convinced that an announcement regarding Deadpool 3 will be made during San Diego Comic-Con.

Now that the foul-mouthed antihero will be making his presence felt on the streaming giant, it’s only a matter of time until Deadpool 3 joins in on the fun.

Over on Twitter, Marvel fanatics are expressing their delight for the third Deadpool film in the stacked MCU — and although a Deadpool 3 announcement has remained unconfirmed, folks cannot be convinced otherwise that we’re getting something at SDCC.

One user has an inkling that Ryan Reynolds himself will walk onto the stage at SDCC and personally make the announcement.

Other users are flat out cutting to the chase and accepting that the announcement is definitely happening.

Other users are caught up on the rumored R-rating, which effectively discounts the typical family-friendly content for Disney Plus — should the movie eventually end up on the Mouse House.

Regardless of any suspicions, the predicted reveal for Deadpool 3 is strictly just a rumor at this point. Still, eagle-eyed Marvel enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting the fast-talking snarky character to make his return to the big screen. And, apparently, folks are salivating at the chance for him to tear Morbius to tiny shreds. We’re here for that, too.