Fans love the new ‘Ms. Marvel’ poster

Ms. Marvel
Image via Marvel Studios

Marvel recently dropped a poster for the upcoming Disney Plus show Ms. Marvel, and fans are pretty much enamored with it.

The colorful poster features not just Iman Vellani’s Kamala Khan but the show’s supporting cast as well. The new poster came with a reminder that the show is going to be here in just under two months.

Over at the subreddit r/marvelstudios, fans of the show gushed and discussed the poster and its implications for the upcoming show, with one user laughing at a seemingly pointed omission.

“Love all the vibrant colors and art style. I’m laughing at the fact they didn’t put the purple crystal powers in the poster, because people would just complain about it.”

User adamodon also said the color scheme was great, especially for a Marvel show, while conceding that it’s not for everyone.

“Nice to see some unique colour palettes in a poster for a change. Really pops. As for the show, I think some fans need to realise not everything has to be for them personally. This show is clearly has an audience in mind. Even if I’m not the intended audience, I’m probably going to watch this with an open mind and enjoy this show. It’s laughable that people are writing it off straight away because its not for them, and I don’t doubt it’s got something to do with the subject matter and themes it’s going to address.”

The colors! Who knew we were so starved for some brightness? User Puzzlehead_Coyote said as much.

“I’ve been trying to keep an arm’s length from the production on this as I kept hearing things that worried me, but this looks good, I hope the series is as vibrant as I feel the TV series are missing some colour.”

User JackFisherBooks said it’s all about the young energy Marvel’s bringing with the show.

“So excited for this show! Love the background patterns here. It has an artistic style that reminds me of the early Ms. Marvel comics. I think it fits perfectly while also showing a kind of youthful energy, which I think will help carry this show.”

Another user, moretime86, said they thought the poster was intentionally referencing another type of poster.

“The art is so reminiscent of Pakistani Cinema posters. I think they are the source of inspiration for this.”

Regardless of the colors, most people are trying to keep an open mind, like user _________FU_________ who said they’re banking on the string of hits Marvel’s had so far.

“I hope this is dope. They’ve had a good streak going. I don’t know anything about the character beyond the brief time playing the video game and the cartoon my kids watch. I get to go in blind which I’m excited for.”

Ms. Marvel drops on Disney Plus on June 8.