New ‘Ms. Marvel’ poster spotlights Kamala Khan and friends

Ms. Marvel
Image via Walt Disney Studios

This new Ms. Marvel poster spotlights not just Iman Vellani’s Kamala Khan, but also the upcoming MCU show’s stacked supporting cast. With Moon Knight having just three episodes left to go, fans won’t have long to wait for the next Marvel series to hit Disney Plus as Kamala’s much-anticipated live-action debut is now just 50 days away — as the arrival of this latest poster for the series reminds us.

When the first Ms. Marvel trailer dropped last month, it came with a poster that featured a lone Kamala watching over NYC. For this second poster, the scope has expanded to include the show’s bustling band of side characters, with Vellani’s teen superhero surrounded by her family and friends. Check it out below, as shared by Disney’s president of marketing, Asad Ayaz, on Twitter:

Those showcased in the poster include Matt Lintz and Yasmeen Fletcher as Kamala’s best pals Bruno and Nakia, Mohan Kapur and Zenobia Shroff as her parents, Yusuf and Muneeba, and Aramis Knight as the enigmatic Kareem. Kamala herself is depicted in her ultimate Ms. Marvel costume, though a secondary image also features the character in her Captain Marvel cosplay get-up, which she’ll initially wear after first discovering her newfound powers.

Remember, Kamala’s origins and powers are being considerably altered for the MCU, as she’ll no longer be an Inhuman with the ability to stretch and change her size but instead gains energy-based powers from an old family heirloom that appears to be an alien artifact. Fans aren’t sure what to make of that right now, but we’d best wait to see the series before casting judgment on if Marvel was right to make the change.

Ms. Marvel is set to light up Disney Plus on June 8, one month to the day before Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters on July 8.