Fans reflect on famous folks no longer in headlines

Photo via New Line Cinema

The concept of celebrity is a fickle one. Careers come and go and often, only a select few stay in the limelight over years and decades. Those who have gone away still have fans, however, and, recently, several gathered to remember some of the very best.

A post on Reddit from earlier today asked about public figures who have disappeared out of nowhere. One cited Chris Tucker, who has become very selective about what he does and they say how he has navigated his career has proven to be some smart strategy.

From there, another mentions Nelly Furtado. The Canadian signer was big for several years and still does make music, but is not as in the headlines as she was. For this user, Furtado and her family are apparently very nice and living a normal and quiet life today.

An actress of note mentioned in the reminiscing is Mena Suvari. She did smaller work after American Beauty and still is creating content today, but, her reasons for drifting away from cameras and publications were more personally difficult than other ones.

Then, though the chat is centered on several wealthy figures who have had enough of a high work-load, one user says they would do the same if given the opportunity. As, once you are financially secure, better days do come about with some relative ease, too.

Who else has come and gone that you would not mind seeing on screen or stage again? Let us know if you want to.