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Fans still can’t get over ‘The Boys’ mocking Kendall Jenner’s infamous Pepsi commercial

One of the show's easier targets, no doubt.

A-Train the boys
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The best way to sum up the essence of The Boys is that nobody is safe. It’s mostly everyone not being safe from Homelander, our late-stage capitalist society not being safe from the show’s vicious social commentary, that makes for fantastic tension and even better laughs.

The most recent victim of The Boys‘ biting satire was Kendall Jenner and her hilariously tone-deaf Pepsi ad. The ad which first aired in 2017 saw her break up a stand off between a group of protesters and a unit of police officers by giving a can of Pepsi to one of the officers, appearing to extinguish the tension.

Episode four wasted no time in ridiculing the ad, as the episode showed A-Train film a similar commercial to promote his “Turbo Rush” energy drink. In the ad, a group of protestors and riot police are once again standing off, albeit with much greater tension, and A-Train rushes between them while holding up a can of Turbo Rush, uniting the two sides with sugar and carbonation before A-Train quips something about how we need to talk to each other, as if energy drinks were the key missing component from our current political climate.

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Twitter ate this parody right up.

Unlike the fantasy pitched by the two commercials, the spoof commercial put out by The Boys seems to have united a great many users on a common front.

Season three of The Boys is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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