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Gal Gadot Hints At Wonder Woman/Supergirl Team-Up With New Photo

Gal Gadot may have hinted at a DCEU team-up between Wonder Woman and Supergirl in a recent Instagram post.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman
Image via Warner Bros.

Gal Gadot may have hinted at a DCEU team-up between Wonder Woman and Supergirl in a recent social media post. The Girl of Steel will finally make her debut in the franchise in the upcoming The Flash, with Sasha Calle taking on the iconic role of Superman’s Kryptonian cousin. Rumors persist that Gadot may be showing up as Diana Prince, too, and the Justice League star has only fueled that talk with a photo she shared to her Instagram stories.

The photo doesn’t actually feature Gadot, but instead depicts Calle posing with a Wonder Woman standee. Both Calle and the cutout are wearing what look to be The Flash production crew hats, which could be telling. What’s more, the actress captioned the image: “Me and my super friends.” Calle then shared the pic on her own Instagram, adding the caption: “This is me playing it cool. Hi Gal x.” See the evidence for yourself below (via The Direct):

The Flash is loosely based on Flashpoint, in that — just like the comics event — it will see Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen changing the timeline and fracturing the multiverse after he goes back in time to save his mother’s life. Flashpoint featured a cruel variant of Wondy who went to war with the Atlanteans. Fans are wondering if Gadot could get to play an evil Diana in the movie, then. While that’s still just a theory, the star certainly alluded to a connection and familiarity with the cast and crew of The Flash in this social media post.

Alternatively, a Wonder Woman/Supergirl team-up could always happen elsewhere in the DCEU, as Calle will no doubt reprise her role in other projects after this. A recent report claimed that a Supergirl TV series — a prequel to The Flash — is in the works at HBO Max. Maybe Gal Gadot could have a cameo in that instead?

The Flash is scheduled to race into theaters on November 4th, 2022.

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