Gal Gadot Reportedly Now Attached To The Flash

Wonder Woman 1984

The Flash movie has been delayed so many times already, but with all the exciting casting announcements and reports that have come out over the last few months, it may actually turn out to be worth the wait. The Scarlet Speedster’s first solo film will dive deep into the DC multiverse, with Michael Keaton definitely back as his Batman. It’s also set to see the return of Ben Affleck as the DCEU’s own Dark Knight.

That’s at least two Justice Leaguers who will be reunited in the film, and there may be one more. Insider Daniel Richtman has revealed on his Patreon page that Gal Gadot is now attached to appear as Wonder Woman in The Flash. He doesn’t reveal anything about the size or nature of her potential role, but it’s exciting news that she’ll be a part of the production regardless.

Fans have long wondered if Diana would show up, considering her significant role in the Flashpoint comic book event, which will be a major influence on the film. In the comics’ Flashpoint universe, Wonder Woman is a much more militant individual, going to war with Aquaman and the Atlanteans. The movie sounds to be a pretty loose adaptations of the source material, though, so it’s difficult to say how much of this will be lifted to the screen.

Still, giving Gadot the chance to play an evil Wondy would be very cool. She’s already portrayed the character in four previous movies – five, if you count the Justice League Snyder Cut as its own thing – so the actress would probably relish the chance to come at the character from a new angle. Alternatively, maybe Gadot is attached to cameo as the regular Diana, alongside Affleck’s Bruce Wayne, which would be a lot of fun, too. That way we get three of the League together.

The Flash is shooting early next year ahead of its planned release date of November 4th, 2022.