10 Fascinating Deleted Scenes From Marvel Movies


Superhero movies are often fairly lengthy films, seeing as they sometimes have to tell detailed origin stories (sometimes of both the hero and villain) as well as serve up a sizeable amount of action and, more often than not, set up future films.

As such, they usually leave a lot of extraneous scenes on the cutting room floor. Often these are just smaller character moments or confirmations of plot points that hurt the flow of the movie, but sometimes, the odd juicy moment can be lost thanks to an uncompromising editor.

Here are just a few examples of fascinating deleted scenes – be they alternate takes, moments excised from the script or bits that didn’t make the final cut – from Marvel films.

Some are just interesting to see, though we agree they shouldn’t have featured in the film, while others really should have been left in. Whatever the case may be, they’re all fascinating in their own way.