George Maple Drops New Single “Sticks And Stones” With Goldlink


George Maple has finally broken the silence, teaming up with rapper Goldlink on a new single titled “Sticks and Stones.” The new song is a blend of trap-y beats and infectious pop vocals, and comes accompanied by a music video set in a strip club.

Overall, “Sticks and Stones” is a strong release from Maple, who’s sultry voice dominates the catchy pop track, punctuated by blaring 808 kicks and a rapid fire rap verse from Goldlink.

The video for “Sticks and Stones” is crammed full of eye catching and provocative visuals, with Maple on the receiving end of a steamy lap dance in a colorfully lit strip club. The location later moves to the desert, as the vocalist holds a gun to a man’s head as he sits tied up in the sand.

Overall, it’s a well done video and the seedy concept and cinematic style make it a bold visual accompaniment to the new single. Check it out for yourself above and as always, drop us a comment letting us know what you think.