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HBO offers hilarious on-brand reaction to Jon Snow sequel series

You know nothing, HBO Max.


Game of Thrones fans have already gone through varying stages of bewilderment following the announcement that Kit Harington’s Jon Snow is returning in a sequel series, but HBO is coyishly avoiding the subject by making a perfect reference to the lost Targaryen prince.

With all the Westeros spinoff shows currently in development, no one was quite expecting one of them to involve a story actually set after the events of the main series. HBO is apparently willing to venture into a domain that would even baffle George R.R. Martin since the creator is already struggling to finish the story as it is. Thinking about a sequel when there are still more than 2,000 pages of story left to chronicle might be a little too ambitious, especially for a novelist who has taken more than a decade to write the last part and is still doing it to this day.

Nevertheless, it seems that that’s exactly what HBO will have in store for fans, though at the moment, the network is neither confirming nor denying The Hollywood Reporter’s recent story. What they’re doing instead is feigning ignorance by making a perfect in-context reference to Jon Snow himself.

Fair enough, HBO, but we do hope that when Jon Snow eventually makes a return, his dialogue isn’t limited to saying things like “I didn’t want it” or “she was my queen.” Because frankly, that’s all we remember the protagonist saying in that controversial final season.

It might be a while until we hear anything more about this Game of Thrones sequel, but fans at least have House of the Dragon to look forward to, the prequel story that will make its debut on Aug. 21.

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