Who is Hitman Holla, and what’s this sex tape making the rounds?

hitman holla
Image via Hitman Holla/ Instagram

Rapper Hitman Holla began trending on Twitter Wednesday morning after a series of explicit video clips were inadvertently leaked of him having sex with his influencer girlfriend Cinnamon.

It turns out that Hitman Holla himself was the one who leaked the videos, sharing the clips with his “close friends” on his Instagram story.

Suddenly, people who had never even heard of Hitman Holla roped themselves into the drama. So here’s a refresher to get everybody caught up to speed.

Hitman Holla, whose real name is Gerald Fulton Jr., is a St, Louis native, and former college athlete best known for his stint on Nick Cannon’s comedy improv series Wild’ N Out, which he appeared on as a recurring cast member from seasons 6 through 16. When Fulton joined Wild’ N Out, he was only the second battle rapper to be cast on the show after Conceited.

He first got into battle rapping in 2008 to turn his life around, and initially made a name for himself after going up against fellow battle rapper Remyd (pronounced Rėmē-dee per his Twitter bio).

Eventually, Hitman Holla became known for his aggressive delivery, as well as ending every round with his trademark “ball game” or “yett yett.” He’s been a part of both the Battle American Fight Klub and SMACK/URL (Ultimate Rap League) battle rap circuits. However, they kicked him out of the latter after threatening to knock out battle rapper Norbes.

In 2017, Hitman Holla released the above single “Diddy Dum Dum,” featuring the rapper Jeff. More recently, he appeared in the independent film She Ball, produced by Nick Cannon, Chris Brown, and Bryan “Birdman” Williams. The film’s synopsis is as follows:

On a mission to save his Inglewood community center, Avery Watts (Nick Cannon) enlists a talented basketball player, Shelby (Melody Rae), to help him win the grand prize in a street ball tournament. Together, Avery and Shelby challenge local politicians, gangs, and their own stereotypes to save their community.

He also became a recurring cast member on the BET sports drama Games People Play in 2021.

Hitman Holla responded to the drama and defended his relationship with Cinnamon on Twitter shortly after the clips began making their way around the internet. “Ima only clear up one thing,” he wrote. “Cinnamon in my close friends, she knew every female I had in there (30 of them) she green light anything I post like let’s not act dumb. Somebody screen recorded my close friends November 5th (our anniversary) that’s wen I post them videos. Not tripping I knew the risk. Ppl wasn’t solid it’s all good.”

We’re not going to share the video itself for obvious reasons. However, it’s not terribly difficult to get a hold of, no pun intended — and whatever you decide to do is between you and your god. But there were plenty of people who weren’t shy about seeking out the video, as evidenced from the Twitter reaction.

“Me looking for the Hitman Holla video,” tweeted one user alongside a GIF of a cat sitting in front of a laptop:

“Well shit, I see why he call himself #Hitmanholla,” wrote another user.

Others reacted with GIFs of Wonder Woman and Forrest Gump to indicate their enthusiasm to learn why Hitman Holla was trending:

One user reacted with a cleverly-edited Pikachu meme:

Yet another user showed their approval with a GIF of Cardi B clapping:

All jokes aside, Hitman Holla and Cinnamon seem like an adorable couple and we wish the relationship the best of luck!